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Open Shelving

Open Unit Steel Shelving

Open shelving is the universal answer, solving any basic storage problem with ease. Compression clips allow for individual shelves to be adjusted quickly and easily.

Standard Lengths: 3ft, 4 ft
Standard Depths: 1 ft, 1½ ft, 2 ft,
Standard Height: 7 ft, 8 ft
Standard number of shelves: 5 shelves per unit. Additional shelves available
High quality low profile shelf offers unencumbered shelf access
Ideal for bulky or packaged items
Shelves adjustable in 1 1/2" increments
Durable alternative to conventional office furniture

Open Shelving

Closed Unit Steel Shelving

Closed unit shelving improves organization, with containment and cleanliness. These units offer the versatility of having the same interchangeable components for all open and closed shelving units, the option of assembling with nuts and bolts rather than clips, and a selection of front post styles. These shelving units are available in most sizes. The benifits of closed shelving units are listed below:

Similar to Open Units with added metal rear enclosing panels and side enclosing panels
Rigid and durable structures
Ideal for storing and managing small items
Clean appearance, ideal for front office use
Can be customized with your own end panel surfaces to match d├ęcor