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Pallet Rack to Meet Your Warehouse Needs

Pallet rack is durable, versatile, and forms the building block of most warehouse storage systems. It can be configured to handle virtually any product, including retail merchandise, palletized items and building materials.  Pallet Rack offers the advantage of rugged structural construction and works particularly well in high-abuse environments. eShelving Experts can design the most efficient and economical storage system for your industry need. Contact Us today! Check out some of the features and options pictured to the left and listed below:

  1. Upright
  2. Footplate
  3. Shim
  4. Row Spacer
  5. Beam
  6. Galvanized Shelf
  7. Particle Board Shelf
  8. Cross-tie for Wooden Shelf
  9. Wire Deck Shelf
  10. Safety Pin